Search for Common Ground (SFCG)

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End Violent Conflict. It’s our purpose -- our call to action.
We strive to build sustainable peace for generations to come. We work with all sides of a conflict, providing the tools they need to work together and find solutions.

We work in more than 30 countries around the world with 83% of our team local to the country they work in. 

We work to transform the way people deal with conflict. Conflict and differences are inevitable. Violence is not. We harness conflict for constructive change. Search works at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through three main avenues: Dialogue+, Media+, and Community+.

Whether at the local or national level, we bring people together across dividing lines to discover and achieve shared goals. We work with those traditionally in power and those without a platform, like women and youth. Examples: leadership workshops, town hall meetings, back channel diplomacy, and more.

Media reaches people where they are in their daily lives. We use media to stir up thoughts and discussions across a whole society about the root causes of violence and how to overcome differences. Examples: soap operas, call-in radio shows, comic books, and more.

We provide a safe space for people to work out their conflicts at the local level. We think creatively to bring divided communities, neighbors, and families together to discover their common humanity. Examples: participatory theatre, shared farming projects, soccer matches, and more.