3eish w Mal7

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Social sector
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In history the ancient Egyptians were the first to make bread, the walls of the temples illustrates the process of cultivating the wheat, and making the bread, and that was the designers’ main source of inspiration.The wheat was illustrated taking in consideration to stand out of typical wheat illustrations in international logos. The grains number was chosen to be 9 grains, taking as a reference the Egyptian quote " كلنا أولاد تسعة" that signalizes equity and citizenship. The underlying meaning of the wave shape, is people’s common life path that has ups and downs.

“3eish w Mal7” is a non governmental, nonprofit organization funded by a group of volunteers whom coming from different professional, political and religious backgrounds.

The organization does not belong or support any specific religious or political part.

Its activity is centered around social charity and cultural awareness for all Egyptians equally. Its main concern is bridging the different perspectives of the Egyptian society by focusing on its common values.

The “3eish w mal7” logo was created by L’instinct. The creative concept was developed by Hoda Hamouda and A. Abbey, the design was executed by Hoda Hamouda.
The logo consists of the wheat spike that carries 9 grains, 4 on each side and one at the top. The bottom left -in the case of the Arabic version- of the spike is attached to a wave-like shape that is composed of 3 overlapping wavy shapes. The logo type in small letters, is placed above the wave shape