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Social sector
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Nawaya's vision is the co-creation of self-reliant, bountiful and resilient Egyptian communities.

Co-creation occurs when partnerships and dynamic knowledge-exchange focus on common goals determined by community needs. Our working approach has 3 steps: community participation in program design, education and training, and hands-on prototyping. Each step Nawaya takes is validated through community feedback, and our hub for research and innovation seeks to create community-centric, open-source, replicable models.


We are a team of young professionals, inspired by the Revolution to collaborate with partners as diverse as the challenges faced by rural Egypt. We are proponents of sustainable agriculture as the core driver for productive communities that flourish from the bottom-up. Our initiative, “Nawaya”, recognizes the need for development goals that are pro-poor and promote social and environmental justice.

We are co-creating a demonstration center in Fagnoon Art School, Abusir, to showcase replicable models for eco-friendly rural development practice and appropriate low-cost technology. The center will be a hub for ongoing community-based innovations that optimize local skills and resources into products and services that are profitable, serve community needs and restore the surrounding environment.

Starting September 2013, we are stating our Sustainable Agriculture program. We will be working with 20 farming families to increase and diversify income streams that are based on soil stewardship practices sustained through farmer to consumer linkages.